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Sharing support tools


You can download the printable support tool created by Rakuramom for free.

This is a collection of tools that are useful for parent-child communication, child-rearing, treatment for children with developmental disabilities, parent training, etc., such as the "KOEKAKE conversion table"This is a page.

楽々かあさんの伝わる! 声かけ変換


"Rakurakumom's Tutawaru! KOEKAKE-Henkan

Author Misuzu Oba (Asa Publishing)

[About using support tools]


It can be used not only at home but also at school, club activities, etc.

Copyright is not waived. Secondary distribution (publishing and distributing it to others as your own work on the web, etc.), unauthorized modification (including re-creating it yourself with the exact same content), secondary use (processing and diversion of images), etc.) Please refrain from


Please refrain from sharing direct links to download URLs. Also, Please do not distribute my tools to an unspecified number of people from online storage, etc. (If you would like to share, please tell others the URL of this page).


If you would like to share it on your website, blog, video, etc., please include the source: or the URL address of the article.

It is prohibited to use tools, images, or articles for malicious advertising activities, such as unauthorized reproduction in commercial publications, unauthorized sales for commercial purposes, or directing people to sites unrelated to us. If you see it, we would appreciate it if you could help us by clicking the "Report" button.)


If you would like to distribute support tools for commercial use, please contact me using the inquiry form.

KOEKAKE-Phrase Translation Sheet-2020
KOEKAKE-Phrase Translation Sheet-2023
Tutawaru! KOEKAKE-Henkan Conversation Conversion table
[Definitive Edition] 2020
[Mom and Dad Support Edition] 2023

Now available on the Asa Publishing special website. Anyone can download it for free!



KOEKAKE-Phrase Translation Sheet-2014
KOEKAKE-Conversation Conversion table
[Original 2014 version]

Conversion table for instructions, commands, and prohibitions

(A4, pdf file)

KOEKAKE-Phrase Translation Sheet-Additional
Additional KOEKAKE-Conversation Conversion table

Conversion table summarizing encouragement, situational judgment, and graduation

(A4, pdf file)

To those who want to spread the KOEKAKE-Conversation Conversion table

​・If you would like to introduce us on your blog, SNS, video, bulletin board, etc.,Original, unaltered images with attribution specified.Please use. (*Please refrain from publishing or distributing the KOEKAKE-Conversation translation table that you have created yourself, even if the contents are the same, as it is considered a "modification".)

Free courses and training sessions for educational/support organizations and non-profit organizationsIf you would like to introduce and distribute the "KOEKAKE-Conversation translation table" as it is without altering it, please clearly state the source (including verbally).No need to contact usSo please help us.


・If the above user wishes to excerpt and quote only a part of the greetings from the KOEKAKE-Conversation translation table to fit the publication space in materials, pamphlets, letters, etc. (including cropping images), please do not change the contents of the greetings. No permission is required if you clearly state the following.
・[Definitive Edition] [Mom and Dad Support Edition]

Source: From Misuzu Oba/the Asa Publishing special site

・Original/additional KOEKAKE-Conversation translation table

Source: From Rakurakumom's official website

・Please do not use the image of the KOEKAKE-Conversation translation table for affiliate marketing of other products or to direct people to unrelated sites.Forbidden.In cases of malicious behavior, we may ask you to take measures such as deleting the article.

Childcare know-how summary “My child correspondence table”
My child correspondence table

This is a compilation of ideas and know-how that were born from my time raising my child.

Basics of child-rearing: “Speech and actions that reassure children”
reassure the child
List of children's strengths "Convex/concave conversion table"
DEKO-BOKO conversion table
(Good points/advantages)

Children's weaknesses and things they are not good at can be converted into strengths and good points.

Abuse prevention “What to do when you are trying too hard to raise your child”
Card for what to do when you are trying too hard to raise your child
developmental disorders, gray zone, explanation,
Developmental disorders, characteristics, summary, enlightenment illustrations
Illustration for explanation

B5 size 2 sheets

*jpeg images areHem division illustrationYou can download from

[2023.10] Rakuraku-style support book is a dedicated page, Share>Rakuraku-style Support Book Please refer to.

​ [2023.12] Koe scale, Komari scale, Feeling scale and other palettes are Share > Share support tools 2Moved to.

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