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Gakken Plus “Practical Special Needs Education for Everyone” The illustrations published in the serial column (2020.11-2022.3 issue) have been released and distributed for free. Please use it for education, support, and awareness activities at home, school, etc.

楽々かあさんの伝わる! 声かけ変換


"Rakurakumom's Tutawaru! KOEKAKE-Henkan

Author Misuzu Oba (Asa Publishing)

Regarding use of images

・In addition to your home, you can also use it for bulletin boards and pamphlet illustrations at educational and research institutions, medical facilities, etc. (no permission required).

・When quoting images from blogs, videos, etc. on the internet, please specify "Source:" or the article URL of the source.

・Copyright is not waived. It may not be used in any modified or processed manner. Please refrain from reprinting my work without permission, publishing it in commercial magazines, or using it for commercial purposes without permission.

· obtained the image by uploading it to an online storage other than this site, it may be uploaded to an unspecified number of other parties. It is prohibited to redistribute this.

・If you would like to distribute materials for paid courses, etc., please provide your contact information and course outline from contact form let us know (basically, we do not charge usage fees for paid courses, etc. Also, if you contact us at the last minute, we may not be able to obtain usage permission in time)

・Click on the image below to enlarge it, and click the download button to obtain it.

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