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Easy Mom and Children-Infancy
Easy mother and children - adolescence

Rakuraku Mom (Author name: Misuzu Oba)


My children expert (mother of three, housewife with ideas)

In addition to raising children, I continue to write and disseminate information about ideas for raising children and daily life.


I also tend to have a bit of ASD+ADD and have trouble organizing my memory. I'm good with my hands and can come up with a lot of ideas. My hobbies are colored pencil drawings and puzzles. I don't like doing housework.


Eldest son:Tendency of ASD (with diagnosis) + ADHD + LD. Full of curiosity and full of ideas.

second son:gray zone. I have sensory sensitivity and IBS. A serious and kind Jizo type.

Eldest daughter:gray zone. She is a caring person and a steady person who loves dogs and drawing.

Dad:A researcher with ASD+ADHD. A middle-aged man with the eyes of a boy.


Easily convey your mother's message! voice conversion

発達障害&グレーゾーン子育てから生まれた 楽々かあさんの伝わる!声かけ変換

大場 美鈴 (著), あさ出版2020


120 parenting method


大場 美鈴 (著), 汐見 稔幸 (監修)ポプラ社2017


108 parenting method


大場 美鈴 (著), 汐見 稔幸 (監修)ポプラ社2016




Born in 1975. After graduating from an art university, She worked at a publishing company as an editorial designer for a medical magazine before leaving the company. After experiencing caring for her father, she got married. Blessed with three children. In addition to being a housewife, she also disseminates information and writes.



Launched a Facebook page "Rakurakumom's Idea and Tools for ASD ADHD LD kids" and started personal activities (Currently on hiatus).


The self-made support tool `KOEKAKE-Phrase Translation Sheet'' has spread on the internet and become a hot topic.




Rakurakumom's Tutawaru! KOEKAKE-Henkan” / Asa Publishing →

Translation publication: Korean, Thai, Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese

Book introduction (🇯🇵blog)


“120 parenting methods for mothers raising 3 siblings with developmental disabilities and gray zones” that will help any child grow rapidly”/Supervised by: Minoru Shiomi/Poplar Publishing →

​→Book introduction (🇯🇵blog)


108 Easy and Happy Parenting Methods From Mother's Raising 3 Children in Developmental Disabilities & Gray Zones That Make it Smile Everyday Life” / Supervised by: Minoru Shiomi / Poplar Publishing →

Translation publication: Korean

​→Book introduction (🇯🇵blog)

[Column series]

2016-Present (irregular)

Column serialization on the developmental disability portal site “Ritalico Development Navi”

2020.11 issue-2022.3 issue

Serial column (pictures and text) titled “Rakurakumom’s Extra Support” in the monthly “Practical Special Needs Education for Everyone” (formerly “Practical Education for Children with Disabilities”)


Child-rearing information magazine “Kodomoe” in this magazine and on the web“Easy mother-style child development ♪ Easy training drill” Column series


​List of media publication information


[About inquiries]

・We read all opinions received, but we will only reply to those related to work. In addition, if there is a deadline for responding to your inquiry, please send it well in advance.

・If you would like to introduce my website, blog articles, support tools, etc. on your blog, website, SNS, videos, etc., please use "Source: Rakurakumom's Official website" or the source article. No permission is required if you specify the URL, book name, etc.


・If you would like to distribute support tools, etc. for a paid course, etc., please contact us using the inquiry form below, specifying the details of the content and the name and contact information of the representative (distribution of copies of books, attached materials, etc.) Please contact each publisher for details).

・We cannot respond to individual childcare consultations or support consultations. Please refrain from asking personal questions.

・For requests for writing, interviews, or other work, please contact us using the contact information below (we do not allow face-to-face interviews for profile photos or video media, etc.)


・For the time being, we will not be able to accept requests for online courses/lectures, opening online salons, etc.

・Contributions to or interviews with publications, public relations magazines, etc. of publishers, media, etc. that are closely connected to political or religious organizations are strictly prohibited (and we will not be able to respond).

・We cannot accept requests for introduction articles, SNS posts, reviews, etc. of products, various therapeutic methods, books, etc. (If there is something good that we have actually tried, we will introduce it free of charge. )


・Please send us your opinions and impressions about the book through reviews on book sales sites, the publisher's website, SNS, reader postcards, etc. I will use it as encouragement and reference for my future writing.


Thank you for sending

Q: Is Rakuraku Mom an expert?


Rakurakumom is “my children expert.”

However, I am not a Professor of developmental psychology, special needs education, child psychological counselor. I’m just a lazy housewife (lol)
"I just want to feel better as soon as possible," so I'm working hard to create support tools. I am studying about developmental disorders every day, mainly by self-study and referring to books.

Although it is based on highly reliable treatment and support methods such as visual support, ABA treatment, sensory integration therapy, and vision training, it can be arranged flexibly to suit the circumstances of the child and family, and is likely to be helpful from a variety of perspectives. I try everything, and through trial and error, I introduce things that have some effect or have a good response to my children, so I can guarantee that it will definitely work for other children. Please note that this is not possible.

I believe that all parents are "experts on their children."
Let's get through the course for advanced childcare experts (enthusiasts?) together.

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