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"108 Easy and Happy Parenting Methods From Mother's Raising 3 Children in Developmental Disabilities & Gray Zones That Make it Smile Everyday Life"

Help tool for "108 parenting methods"


Here are the downloadable support tools listed in "108 Parenting Methods for Mothers Raising 3 Brothers and Sisters in Developmental Disabilities & Gray Zones That Make It Easy to Smile Every Day" !


About the use of support tools


It can be used not only at home, but also at support facilities, schools, cram schools, circles, etc.

Since the copyright is not abandoned, please refrain from secondary distribution (distributing it as your own work to other people, including unauthorized modification) and secondary use (unauthorized processing and diversion of images, etc.). Please do not link directly to the URL of the download destination or the image for sharing (paste the address with .jpg, .pdf, etc.)

Unauthorized reproduction / sale of publications, websites, blogs, etc., commercial use for commercial purposes, etc. are prohibited.

If you would like to distribute support tools for paid courses, please contact us using the inquiry form.

For inquiries other than the support tools that can be downloaded from this page, please contact the publisher, Poplar Publishing. ( Poplar HP​ Please refer to "About the use of copyrighted works" . )

KOEKAKE-Phrase Translation Sheet
KOEKAKE-Phrase Translation Sheet

Instruction / command / prohibition conversion table

(A4, pdf file)

* Please refrain from sharing images only and direct links to download addresses.


KOEKAKE-Phrase Translation Sheet-blank
Fill-in type, our child version

This is a fill-in blank sheet for making "our child version" at home.
(Added May 15, 2016)

Kana/Kanji support card
Kana / Kanji
Support card

3 postcard sizes

pdf file (525kb)


(This support tool was created using the free font Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter ^-^)

What to do when you're trying too hard to raise your child
What to do when you are trying too hard to raise your child
Kanji table by new grade
Kanji table by grade

Kanji table for grades 1-6.

Print it in a size that is easy to use, such as postcards, photo sizes, A4, etc., and use it as a learning aid (PDF, 6p).


(This support tool was created using the free font Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter ^-^)

[Bonus] Kanji table with furigana

(My handwritten scan ^-^; Prioritize frequently used readings. Up to 4th grade. PDF 7.6MB)

Easy support book
Easy support book

Postcard size 15 types pdf file (235kb)

[Details] -Cover-Profile-Developmental characteristics-Summary of test results-Human relations map-Development irregularities-List of good points-List of great points-Like and dislike-Record of panic problem behavior-Necessary level of support-Collection of support techniques・ About the handling of technique cards and support books ・ About easy-to-use support books (15 types in total)


You can check the contents in the sample image of the entry example.

developmental disorders, gray zone, explanation,
Characteristics of developmental disorders
Illustration for commentary

2 B5 size

pdf file (315kb)


About the use of images

Anyone can use it freely from the following, but since the copyright is not abandoned, please refrain from commercial use or reproduction without permission.

Please refrain from sharing the direct link address to the download URL.

Click the image below to go to the download page. You can save it from the download button at the top.

* Due to the security update of Google Drive, the download URL of the following image collection was broken, but it has been changed to a new URL. If you couldn't download due to the problem, please use the new link (2021.9.23) .

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