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You can download the printable support tool created by Rakurakumom for free. This page summarizes tools for SST, self-understanding, reasonable accommodation, and support counseling that children can work on themselves or with their parents.


楽々かあさんの伝わる! 声かけ変換


"Rakurakumom's Tutawaru! KOEKAKE-Henkan

Author Misuzu Oba (Asa Publishing)

[About using support tools]


It can be used not only at home but also at school, club activities, etc.

Copyright is not waived. Secondary distribution (publishing and distributing it to others as your own work on the web, etc.), unauthorized modification (including re-creating it yourself with the exact same content), secondary use (processing and diversion of images), etc.) Please refrain from


Please refrain from sharing direct links to download URLs. Also, Please do not distribute my tools to an unspecified number of people from online storage, etc. (If you would like to share, please tell others the URL of this page).


If you would like to share it on your website, blog, video, etc., please include the source: or the URL address of the article.

It is prohibited to use tools, images, or articles for malicious advertising activities, such as unauthorized reproduction in commercial publications, unauthorized sales for commercial purposes, or directing people to sites unrelated to us. If you see it, we would appreciate it if you could help us by clicking the "Report" button.)


If you would like to distribute support tools for commercial use, please contact me using the inquiry form.

TPO list


For children and people who are not good at reading the atmosphere, SST list cards are used to input appropriate words and actions according to TPO like programming (all types can be downloaded at once)→Click here*Postcard size recommended)

Self-esteem check sheet for people with developmental disabilities
Self encourage
Check sheet

A check sheet to help you recognize your strengths and strengths and support yourself when you fail or feel down.

Self-advocacy for people with disabilities Consultation sheet for troubleshooting issues
What I'm having trouble with
​ Sorting consultation sheet

A sheet that helps you organize your problems and explain them when you ask for their understanding or consideration when consulting with a teacher or support person.

Understanding and awareness of hyperacusis: Letter for lower grades
Understanding and awareness of hyperacusis: letter for upper grades
​A story about ear (hearing) hypersensitivity

​An educational text to ask for understanding for children with hearing hypersensitivity. There is one for lower grades of elementary school and one for upper grades. It can be used for bulletin boards, handouts, etc. in class.

Adult Developmental Disabilities SST Casual Consideration Standard Statement
Standard phrases for requesting subtle consideration for adults with irregularities

A template card containing phrases that can be used when requesting consideration at work (postcard size recommended)

SST attention level table for developmental disorders
Attention level table

Things that can be used as a reference when making judgments when you are too careful or being treated too much by your friends.
(The "fill-in" format is a blank table. You can write the contents together with your child.)

Cognitive distortions in developmental disorders Work to draw the line between facts and opinions
facts and opinions
line drawing work

Work to draw a line between ``facts'' and ``opinions'' and distinguish between them when there are concerns or troubles in friendships, etc. With an adult close to you when you feel calm.

SST Son Tok Account Chart for Developmental Disabilities
Advantages and disadvantages Chart of Accounts

A worksheet to help you make a decision by comparing both the advantages and disadvantages when making a decision.

SST ambiguous expression sheet for developmental disorders
Ambiguous expression sheet

A useful list for understanding ambiguous and intermediate expressions such as "a little" and "mostly".

SST status gauge for developmental disorders
Status gauge

A game-like SST tool that visualizes your condition, pain, and recovery.
(postcard size, pdf)

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